Random Oc stuff

Zed (with the horns isn’t mine = w = ) belongs to Admin Shadowblade.

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Large Art Dump

Sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been more active on my Facebook pages! Gomen gomen….

Here are some art thing I’ve been working on since then.

Also Sangy (Happy tree town) and Yami (Suicide forest) do not belong to me, they are my friend’s OC’s 🙂

Known as Aquathelita and Admin Yuki

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Rune Factory 4 Vishnal Art Dump

I was sick last week… but I’m feeling better 🙂 just a few coughs now here and there…
Here are some things I have been too lazy to upload.

I’ve also been playing Rune factory 4 lately~ and I married Vishnal. He is so adorable haha~ A butler who can’t cook. I might go for Arthur and Dylas for my 2nd and 3rd files :3

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